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Solution Focused Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching in Practice


A solution focused coaching approach is future orientated and aims at understanding and then working together to bridge the gap between where  clients see themselves to be currently and where they aspire to get to.

Working with a Solution Focused Coach can help you to:

  • Clarify Goals which are important, motivational, and meaningful to you.

  • Establish an unambiguous focus and ongoing reference point for the coaching relationship.

  • Better understand and mitigate current barriers to achieving your goals.

  • Increase awareness of the choices and resources available to you.

  • Break down overwhelming challenges into a series of smaller, more manageable steps.

  • Identify behavioural changes and new approaches that will better serve you in pursuing your goals.

  • Discover exceptions to the problems you are facing | other areas of your life where you have successfully demonstrated relevant skills.

  • Feel supported in identifying, selecting, committing to, and testing actions which will take you closer to your stated goals.

  • Sustain momentum and increase self-belief by focusing on incremental successes and achievements.

Missing Piece

Solution Focused Coaching in Theory

Small incremental changes in the present can lead to lasting and sustainable changes in the future.

Establishing clear parameters for coaching. "How will we know when the problem brought to coaching has been solved?"

Motivation and momentum ARE sustained by making incremental progress AND Establishing, implementing and reviewing the smaller steps necessary to achieve bigger goals.

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