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Coaching Practicalities

What Coaching do you offer?

I offer generalist Executive and Life Coaching, applying primarily Strengths Based, Solution Focused Coaching approaches.


I additionally have specialist training and expertise in ADHD Coaching and Coaching and Support for "executive functioning", and the functional and emotional consequences of unsupported, or unrecognised, "executive functioning" challenges.

Who do you Coach?

I work with Adults of All Ages  and Students (GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and equivalent). I coach in English and work with both neuro-typical and neuro-diverse clients.


I am passionate about tailoring my Coaching to the specific needs of the individual, helping clients to understand and more consistently create the situations, circumstances and environments in which their Strengths naturally come to the fore.

How do you Coach?

I have extensive experience of delivering both Face-to-Face coaching and Online Coaching, usually via the medium of Skype or Zoom. For practical reasons I deliver most of my Coaching online which enables me to work with clients across  the United Kingdom and internationally.

However, I am happy to set-up face-to-face coaching if preferable and feasible, I am based near Guildford in Surrey.

When do you Coach?

Individual Coaching Sessions last an hour and most of my clients have a designated weekly time-slot.

However, I am happy to offer more flexible arrangements where I have the availability to do so.

I offer both early morning and evening coaching sessions to fit around personal and professional commitments and to accommodate clients in different time zones.

How many Coaching Sessions will I need?

This depends on what your requirements of Coaching are. Some clients benefit from Coaching as an ongoing commitment over a period of several months or years. Others have a specific focus for the Coaching, such a supporting a Career Change or transition to a new role.

The benefit of a longer-term Coaching commitment is the capacity to build a more comprehensive understanding of what works for the individual client and to support them in applying this knowledge to a broader range of situations and challenges.

However, even with relatively short-term Coaching interventions, the objective is to provide clients with additional insights, supported by specific tools, techniques and strategies where relevant, which will have ongoing benefit beyond the specific challenges initially brought to Coaching.

How much do you charge for Coaching?

I am committed to making Coaching affordable so that it is viable as an ongoing commitment for as wide a range of clients as possible.

My rates are commensurate with other Professional Services such as Mentoring and Therapy and are transparently communicated prior to the commencement of the coaching relationship, forming part of my Coaching Agreement.

Do I need a specific diagnosis to benefit from ADHD or "executive functioning" Coaching and Support?

Resoundingly no. ADHD is a misunderstood, mis-diagnosed and often under-diagnosed condition and the "executive functioning" difficulties implicit in ADHD are also heavily implicated in a number of other physical and mental health conditions, and impact everyone to a greater or lesser degree, particularly during times of stress and change.

Whilst a number of my Clients have been diagnosed with ADHD, have received other or additional diagnoses such as Asperger Syndrome and Dyspraxia, or suspect that they might qualify for a diagnosis, Coaching practically addresses the functional and emotional challenges implicit in "executive functioning" weaknesses irrespective of their root cause.

How Do I Get Started?

Free Initial Consultation

I initially recommend that prospective clients contact me to arrange a Free 30 Minute Consultation. This is a confidential opportunity for you to discuss what you are looking for from Coaching and for me to answer any questions that you may have about my coaching approach/ experience and the practicalities of the wider Coaching Process.

If, at the end of this Consultation, you feel that you would benefit from working with me, and I feel confident that I can help you, we can arrange an initial block of Coaching of Sessions.

Introductory Welcome Pack and Coaching Agreement

Shortly in advance of our first scheduled session I send clients my Introductory Welcome Pack. This includes a Coaching Agreement which establishes a practical framework for our ongoing coaching relationship and outlines the Professional and Ethical Standards to which I adhere.

It also includes a couple of templates which clients have found helpful to capture any overarching objectives that they have at the outset of coaching along with specific areas which they want to focus on in our forthcoming session. These can be sent to me in advance of  the session to ensure that Coaching remains fully aligned to your current needs and that you derive the maximum benefit from each individual coaching session.

They can also assist me in working with you to identify the most appropriate tools, techniques, and approaches to support your individual coaching requirements.

  • As an initial step I encourage prospective clients to book a free 30 minute consultation.

  • This is a confidential, non-judgemental opportunity to discuss what you are looking for from coaching and for me to answer any questions that you have about my coaching approach/experience and the practicalities of wider coaching process.

  • Coaching in an ongoing investment in yourself rather than a "magic bullet" and studies have shown that the level of rapport between the Coach and Client is often more critical to successful coaching outcomes than the specific areas of expertise of the Coach.

  • If, at the end of the consultation, you feel that you could benefit from working with me and I feel confident that I can help you, we can book an initial block of Coaching Sessions.  If not I am happy to recommend alternative avenues of support.

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