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ADHD Coaching

How ADHD Coaching Can Help? 

Not a deficiency of willpower.

Succeeding with ADHD is not simply a case of trying harder and no amount of willpower alone is sufficient to defeat the condition.

​Indeed, this can be one of the most damaging aspects of living with ADHD.

Invisible challenges.

The often invisible challenges associated with ADHD can make it feel like a "self-sabotaging" and "self-defeating" condition in which enormous, and often unrewarded, effort is expended trying to remain on top of day-to-day Personal and Professional responsibilities.

​Many people who seek specialist ADHD Coaching and Support talk of feeling in some way "broken", "overwhelmed" or "exclusively defined​" by their ADHD.

Consistently harnessing potential.

​They are aware of their potential but often feel unable to live up to it or feel powerless to identify and pursue their goals with any degree of consistency.

​People with ADHD are often so accustomed to struggling with the weaknesses associated with ADHD, and of negatively labelling themselves and being labelled by others with reference to these weaknesses, that they lose sight of their strengths.

Levelling the playing field.

​Working with a Specialist ADHD Coach can be empowering in redressing this balance, by providing tailored ongoing support to better understand and manage the condition from both a functional and emotional perspective.

​Coaching can help to "level the playing field" by increasing the Choices, Control and Practical Resources available to you to move forward with ADHD. 

A Strength Based Solution Focused Approach

Neurological difference not deficit.

Translating a Strength Based Solution Focused Coaching approach to specialist ADHD Coaching does not trivialise or negate the very real and often unseen challenges of living with ADHD.

​What it does do is approach ADHD from the perspective of "neurological difference" rather than deficit.

Developing individual strategies.

​I support clients to gain greater insight into their own ADHD, and work with them to develop individual strategies, underpinned by customised ADHD Coaching tools and techniques, which increase the resources available to them to manage the ongoing practical and emotional challenges associated with ADHD.

Understanding where our strengths naturally show up.

​Integral to this coaching approach is working with clients to surface their strengths and increase their awareness of the situations and environments in which these strengths naturally show up or where ADHD traits can be positive assets in identifying, driving, and delivering the personal and professional goals which are important to them.

Strength based Solution Focused Coaching with an ADHD lens.

My Advanced Professional Coaching Qualification with the ADD Coach Academy means that I have received comprehensive training in an extensive range of Coaching Models and Tools which are specifically designed for clients with ADHD.

I apply these models selectively alongside more generalist Strength Based Solution Focused Coaching Strategies to provide a versatile Coaching Offering which can be effectively tailored to the specific needs of every client.


Coaching For ADHD Success


Increasing understanding of "your ADHD" rather than of ADHD.

  • The way in which ADHD manifests varies enormously from one person to another, and indeed within an individual, depending on the challenges they are currently facing.

  • Consequently, people come to ADHD Coaching with very different priorities and requirements.

  • The client is the expert in their own ADHD and therefore I tailor my coaching approach to meet their requirements.


Applying knowledge of "your ADHD" to create environments, habits and external support structures which work for you.​

  • Whilst there is no cure for ADHD, increasing our understanding of the ways in which our  ADHD brain is "wired-differently" can have an enormous positive impact in successfully managing the condition.

  • Actively applying this knowledge enables us to more reliably create the Environments, Opportunities and Conditions in which we are more likely to thrive, and to establish the Habits and Support Structures needed to facilitate this.


Understanding what is currently missing, holding you back, or working against you.​​​

  • ADHD often becomes more impairing, and keeps you stuck, when something or someone in your immediate environment triggers increased awareness of the consequences of your ADHD weaknesses.

  • Pinpointing and addressing the functional and emotional challenges that you are currently facing, and the specific context of these challenges,  can free you to move forward with greater confidence.


As a Specialist ADHD Coach, I work with clients to:​


  • Develop Structures, Processes and Systems to mitigate and compensate for the core challenges resulting from their ADHD.

  • Tailor their Environments, Life Choices and Habits to work with rather than against their ADHD and allow the positive attributes associated with ADHD to come to the fore.

  • Take a more Compassionate and Pragmatic view of their ADHD which challenges the negative beliefs, stigmas and labels that come from living with the condition.

  • Shift Focus from their ADHD Weaknesses towards Potential ADHD Strengths through the application of specific psychometric tools to identify core character strengths.

  • Stay focused on their Goals by helping them generate and holding them accountable for actions which move them incrementally forwards whilst explicitly addressing ADHD related barriers to sustaining momentum in the pursuit of medium to long term objectives.

  • Create Long Terms Strategies for the Ongoing Management of their ADHD through creating an increased awareness and understanding of the precise ways in which their ADHD manifests and aligning this to wider research into the condition.

Central to the Coaching Process is Partnering with Clients to increase awareness of their own ADHD and to support them to develop bespoke individual solutions which give them greater confidence to move forward and use their natural strengths.
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