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Alexander Smith BA (Hons), MSc
ILM Accredited Executive & Life Coach | Specialist Coaching for ADHD & "Executive Functioning" 


Executive and Life Coaching.

I am an Accredited Executive Coach passionate about using Solution Focused, Strengths Based Coaching Techniques to partner with clients to maximise their Potential, Performance, Personal Wellbeing and Productivity and support them  in taking action to move towards the Professional and Personal goals that are important to them.

Executive Coaching can take many forms. Sometimes it can be supporting a client in identifying and making a career change, or in finding and transitioning into a new role.


At other times, the primary focus can be maximising a client's potential and effectiveness in their current role, or supporting them in the development of specific skills, or the mitigation of specific weaknesses, related to that role or their broader career development.

Similarly broader life coaching can support clients to clarify and prioritise those personal Goals that are the most meaningful to them, increase their confidence in their capability to pursue these Goals, and broaden awareness of the resources and options available to them to support them in the ongoing pursuit of these Goals.


In both cases the role of a Coach can be defined as helping the client to understand and bridge the gap between where they are and where they aspire to get to.

Additionally, a Coach can play a vital role as a Strengths Finder, enabling Clients to better recognise and utilise existing Strengths, or to develop these Strengths in order to increase confidence in their potential to achieve their Goals.


Coaching and Support for ADHD and "executive functioning".​

Additionally, I have Specialist Coaching Expertise in the areas of "executive functioning" and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD).  I offer bespoke Coaching which applies tools and techniques specifically tailored to supporting clients with the dual functional and emotional challenges implicit in ADHD and other conditions in which "executive functioning" is a key component.

However, whilst an important element of ADHD and "executive functioning" Coaching can be supporting clients to develop more effective strategies for the ongoing management of these functional and emotional challenges, equally important is increasing understanding of the implicit differences in "brain wiring" and "neurodiversity" central to these challenges and using this increased understanding to better predict and create the Environments, Opportunities, Actions, Structures and Habits which will allow associated strengths to naturally come to the fore.


Online and Face-to-Face Coaching for Adults of All Ages, Secondary School, College and University Students.

I work with Secondary School, College and University Students along with Adults of All Ages and I am trained to offer both face-to-face coaching and distance Coaching either via telephone or online via Skype or Zoom.

I have extensive Coaching Experience supporting both neuro-typical and neuro-diverse clients and this allows me to utilise a broad range of coaching approaches dependant on the specific requirements and needs of the client.


I trained and practiced as an Executive Coach prior to receiving an ADHD diagnosis and this made me acutely attuned to the importance of tailoring my Coaching to the needs of the individual rather than adopting a singular "one size fits all" approach. I found that often well-established, and researched, Coaching tools and techniques were less effective for me than they appeared to be for a number of my Clients and fellow Coaches.

This realisation,  along with belatedly receiving a formal diagnosis of ADHD in my late 30s, persuaded me to augment my existing Coaching accreditation and experience with specialist training in the areas of ADHD and "executive functioning".


This leaves me well positioned to work with a wide range of clients, some of whom are neuro-typical, some of whom have a formal diagnosis of ADHD or another condition in which "executive functioning" challenges form a central component, and some of whom recognise that their  "executive functioning" is central to the Personal and Professional challenges that they are currently facing, or have historically faced.

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